A. No. Remember, it’s that white waxy core at the center of the molluscum lesion that’s the really contagious stuff. You never want to intentionally expose that part. That white crud touches your skin anywhere, and it can spread the virus. And if you see that any lesion has matured on its own and popped of its own accord, clean the area immediately followed by an application of the tea tree oil.

This is also why you don’t want to shave the area. That razor hits a lesion, and it can pop it, and spread the virus. I made that mistake myself, when I first saw the bubbles on my skin. They were under hair, so, I shaved to get a better look. And, I spread the virus from one concentrated patch to a much larger area of my skin.

This is also why I really detest the “scraping” method that some dermatologists do, where they use a tool to basically “scoop” out the entire lesion from your skin. This method is painful, messy, and leaves what they refer to as “debris”… basically, left over tiny pieces of that white crud. And then they tell you to go home and soak in the tub, to “remove the debris.” That’s terrible advice. All that does is let the white stuff float into the water, and come back down and touch some other part of your body.

Remember, if you apply the tea tree oil regularly, the lesions will respond by shrinking, and eventually fading away. If there are no mature lesions when you start this treatment, it’s likely that they won’t grow to that point and pop on their own. Be patient with it though; it can take 2 weeks for the oil to sink in and really start working. Be consistent, give it time. And only apply twice a day or after a shower; more than that can suffocate and irritate the skin. One drop on a cotton ball, spread to the entire area. That, and keep the area as dry as possible. The mollscum contagiosum virus thrives in a warm, damp environment.


  1. Hi Christopher…I think I learned more on your website than any medical website out there. Sorry for your experience, but thank you for sharing it. My 7 year old daughter has had one type of skin issue after another. But for the past year we have been dealing with her Molluscum. At first the pediatric derm said it would go away. But after this summer and a bad case of eczema that took us back to the derm, I insisted they treat the Molluscum. They put her on a topical called Veregen and it hasn’t done a thing. If anything the virus has spread. Her bumps are primarily located on the back of her thigh creeping up to her bottom. There are also a few scattered on her back. Just this weekend did I notice that they are spreading between her legs and getting way to close to her private area for me to continue to “wait it out.” I plan on calling the derm on Monday, but love your idea for the tea tree oil.

    Also, she loves to take baths still and prefers the water extra hot, soaking until it gets cool. I am now thinking we need to stop that and stick to showers.

    Thanks again for your willingness to share your ordeal. I hope you continue to be virus free.

    • Lynn,

      Sorry to hear you’re going through this. I’m sick at how many doctors say to “wait for it to go away.” That’s the absolute worst advice out there. This virus will spread if you let it. So… don’t let it. Attack it. Using the oil twice daily (get the 100% pure stuff – Desert Essence and JASON are good brand names to look for), and keep the area as dry as possible (no baths, correct, and keep the showers short) will make a huge difference after a couple weeks. Stick with it, be patient, be consistent, and she should recover in time.

      I hope this helps, best of luck!

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