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Firstly I’d like to thank all the people that have written to me, either with questions or with success stories. The fact that my experience has helped others heal and recover faster means a lot to me. My own ordeal was hellish enough, and the whole point of writing this blog in the first place was to try to make an effort to prevent others from having to go through the same thing. According to countless e-mails received from people around the world, it seems to have done just that.

That said, there are some questions I am asked quite often, so here they are with the answers:

Q. How long does it take for the spots do go away once you start using the tea tree oil, and how do they go away exactly?

A. In my case, once I had all the elements lined up (tea tree oil, custom multivitamins, keeping the area as dry as possible, vitamin-E rich food, etc.), I recovered in about 3 weeks. I’ve had others write to me that for them it took 5-6 weeks, and others write to me saying that it took 2 months. So it depends on how many lesions are there, as well as how much internal boosting of the immune system is done. And as to how they go, they should just fade away. They won’t scab up or peel off or anything, they’ll just gradually disappear.

Q. Should I dilute the tea tree oil?

A. No, just make sure you apply it very thinly. A tiny dab on a cotton ball, seriously. If you accidentally apply too much and suffer any irritation, back off the oil for a few days and counteract the redness with hydrocortizone. This is also true for itching. The hydrocortizone isn’t like lotion, it won’t spread the virus, but it will ease any irritation.

Q. Can I use the oil on my infant child?

A. Yes, but again, use it very, very thinly. One drop on a cotton ball is plenty.

Q. What can I do to boost the immune system of my child?

A. I’ve had some mothers write to me that they used Thujo to boost their children’s immune system, and there are plenty of Vitamin C boosters out there for all ages as well. Use those consistently, and that should help.

Q. I have no idea where I got the virus; is this normal?
A. Truth is, I’ve had a LOT of people write to me about this, and I think only a few said that they caught it from sexual activity. Everyone else speculates that maybe it was a locker room, or a used towel, or something along those lines, but don’t know for sure. In my case, I have no idea where I got it. However, there have been a few men who have stated that the molluscum virus appeared on them shortly after being with their girlfriend while she was suffering a yeast infection, so there may be some correlation there.

Q. Should I pop the spots and try to remove them myself?
A. Absolutely not, unless you want to spread the virus. I understand the frustration you may be dealing with at the doctor’s office, or your impatience with the effects of the oil, but do NOT try to pop, freeze, or scrape the spots on your own. It will only serve the spread the infection.

Q. After the spots fade, how long should I wait before resuming sexual activity?
A. Wait until all the spots have completely faded, and then wait another 2 weeks. That tends to be the fair amount of time to wait to determine whether any new spots might show up. So keep a close eye on the area, treat anything that might possibly be a new lesion, and if at the end of two weeks no clearly visible new spots have resurfaced, then you’re good to go. Do try to keep the immune system strong afterwards though; the molluscum virus is most likely to return during times of immune system weakness, such as intense stress or illness.

Q. After I’ve recovered, am I immune? Or is there a possibility that the virus could return?
A. Sorry to say it, but there still remains the possibility that it can return. Inspect yourself on a regular basis and keep some tea tree oil handy just in case. I had it recur once, a few years later… but thankfully knew how to combat it, and it was gone again in a matter of weeks.

ASK ME A QUESTION if there’s anything I haven’t covered.

17 thoughts on “F. A. Q.

    • Are you talking about Vitamin E pills taken internally? Or Vitamin E oil capsules to be applied externally?

      If internally, yes; boosting the presence of Vitamin E in the immune system is a good step towards healing the virus from the inside, a good addition to attacking it from the outside with the oil. But, I don’t recommend applying Vitamin E oil to the molluscum lesions themselves. Vitamin E is great when used to heal scar tissue or other damaged skin, but isn’t good applied to active lesions as it can provide excess moisture for the virus to spread it.

      Hope this helps – Christopher

  1. Many Thanks!!! i am in the UK and have a 11yr old son who has developed them on his middle back, and as he will start high school in september and wants to go swimming i want rid of them!! it is so difficult to find out what to do as GP said same as all of them from my research ‘they wil go on there own’ not the reply you want to hear!! However thankfully i found this site – Christopher thank you!!! I have been applying the tea tree oil for about 5 days am and pm and they really look like they are drying up so fingers crossed along with the vit C and zinc suppliments (also using omega 3,6,9 tabs) they will clear soon i will keep you updated on our progress.

  2. Hi my son is covered in these awful things! we’ve just started to use tea tree after using all sorts of lotions and potions. his case is the worst our family doctor has seen and again told to wait until they go. His neck is chronically infected and also down his torso and all around his genital area. Thankfully at 4years old he’s not so self-conscious. Will be interesting to see if the tea tree actually has an effect where everything else has failed. Here’s hoping!

    • If you’ve been using lotions and creams, that would explain why the virus has been spreading. They just give the virus moisture to thrive in; I know, I made the same mistake. Keeping the area dry and using the oil as I’ve outlined should make a huge difference; keep me posted. – Chris

  3. Hi Chris,

    Regarding the FAQ of immunity. I know that one can’t be immune to the virus, but I was told that once (after about 2 weeks of clear skin) it is gone, it is gone. Meaning the only way you can get it again is through re-infection from another contaminated source. Are you saying that it can lay dormant for years once it appears to be gone?

    • Molluscum is gone for good once it’s gone. The virus dies, it doesn’t go dormant.

      HPV on the other hand, does go dormant. It can come back due to a weakened immune system or high stress levels.

    • Only use the Q-tip if the skin is sensitive – eczema, etc. Otherwise I recommend the cotton ball method because it will generate contact with the surrounding areas – this way, IF there are any lesions growing under the skin, the oil can work away at the virus before it even breaks the skin.

  4. Thank you for putting up this website and posting all you know about this infection. My then 7 months old daughter contracted this from her cousins (who got it from daycare). Apparently they had the virus but my sister never told me about it until my daughter had it. I know. Real responsible. It started with one dot and within 2 months, it got so bad that her torso was covered. You are right that dampness and moisture makes this infection go out if control. We had to get a referral to the dermatologist. The Dr treated my daughter with cantrone (beetle extract). It stays for 6 hours and then washed off. While it is effective by suffocating the virus, it initially leaves real red sores where its treated. My daughter was to return to get another treatment in 3-4 weeks as the Dr was only treating 20 dots at a time (my daughter had over 60 large ones). Wgile i waited for the next appointment, he virus was coming back with a vengeance. The original “treated” dots were healing but any remaining non-treated ones were spreading the virus still. I felt defeated as we tried everything you mentioned (tea tree oil, special soap,rubbing alcohol). We finally tried this method and it worked! We hope it may help other people!
    After your bath/shower, the skin is very soft. Any infected skin will easily flake off and touch other parts of the body. So, we wiped down all infected areas with peroxide.Changed clothes and towels every day. I found that when the pox gets really big and looks like it would burst, the peroxide woulf disinfect it. Within 2 weeks, 90% of the bumps were gone. By the time I reached the next appointment, there were very few bumps to treat. I hope this helps others. I also wanted to thank you for posting your experienc with such detail. It helped us a great deal Only lasted us 4 months of this madness. Thank you again.

    • Bea,

      Many thanks for the story and the added tips; I’ll definitely include this when I add a section here for success stories. Very glad to hear that my advice and tips worked, and I’m very glad to hear your daughter is all better. The fact that you took the time to write this means a lot. Thank you.

  5. Well I’ve been dealing with the bumps for about four months now. I just saw this today and order some tree tea oil and I’m really hopefully because of all the stories of it working for people! So I’ll keep y’all informed but I’m very hopeful right now. It’s summer and that means it’s bath suit season. My bumps are in my bikin line area so keep in y’all’s prayers!! Hopefully it will come in sometime this week. Thank you so much for all the info Chris!!

  6. Hi there,

    My 3 yo and 6 yo are suffering from these horrible things. I will try tea tree oil as of tomorrow but wanted to know if we should cover them also. We have been so far putting breast milk or betadine on these and whilst they have improved in some parts they have spread in others. All advice we have been given says to cover them with micopore tape after applying the betadine etc.

    Thanks in advance

    • I don’t recommend covering them; you want the skin to get nice and dry, and unfortunately, bandages or tape can cause the skin to sweat. Just try applying the oil and letting it sink in and dry; keeping the lesions exposed shouldn’t be an issue provided there are no white waxy cores (the really contagious part) resting on top of the skin… which would only happen if a very mature lesion popped, which should be something you can anticipate.

      Hope this helps your little ones, hang in there!

  7. Hi Christopher. Do you suggest one cotton ball of tea tree oil and use on all bumps? Or several cotton balls if the virus is widespread. My daughter has it on her tummy, legs, arms and neck. Would one drop of the oils be sufficient to cover all those areas?

    • One cotton ball, apply to all bumps. It’s potent stuff, and spreads thinly pretty wide, which is all you need. The only thing to worry about is accidentally spreading that white waxy center to other parts of the skin, on the off-chance that you see it exposed (due to a recently popped spot) while using the cotton ball. Otherwise, you’re all good.

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