So, this used to be a one-page website that listed my story, my “year with mollscum,” and that was it. ┬áIt helped hundreds of people around the world… but it was still just a basic one-page site. Now, I’ve expanded it into a blog that I will be updating regularly, with tips and advice on many skin conditions, info regarding the products I recommend, further details regarding some of the questions I’m asked, and more. Search the site for more info, ask any question you want… and I’ll try to help.

- Christopher G.

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  1. Last week I found out I had MCV. I was visiting my dermatologist about something else and thankfully the spots showed a few days prior to my visit so we talked about them while I was there. My daughter had MCV from 3-6yrs old on her face and finally one day they just went away. I was never concerend about contracting it because the Pediatrician told us we have built up our immune systems over time as adults so I was shocked to have it now at age 37! I am miserable! I stay awake all night thinking about scratching them or end up scratching them only to force myself to get out of bed to wash my hands so I dont accidentally spread the disease to my face. Luckily its only on my neck, chest, stomach and inner thigh so I can atleast hide them at this point with clothing. I cant help to think I got this condition from a Bikram yoga studio that I go to about 3-4 times/week. All the posts I’ve read say the virus lives and worsens in warm, moist environments. Typically the room is heated to 90-105 degrees. I guess I have so many different questions running through my head 1) Does this mean I need to discontinue this type of exercise all together due to the room conditions? It has been the first form of excercise that I truly love and can see myself doing for a long time because provides me so many benefits phsycially and mentally. 2) Can MCV spread to your eyes? I feel like my eyes have been red and irritated when I wake up in the morning. I dont have pink eye as the symptoms tend to get a little better throughout the day 3) My daughter had a Retin A cream she barely used that I have since taken on. It seems to help the itching for a little bit. Are there any harmful side effects with using this cream? I typically apply it with a q tip on the affected areas very carefully and sparingly. 4) How can I prevent the virus from moving to my face? Any help/advice you could give would be great!

    • Mary,

      Ouch, that’s tough… and yeah I’d have to say just for the next few weeks, to avoid the Bikram Yoga. I’ve done it myself… and that sauna-esque environment can definitely help the skin recover from the virus heal slower, if nothing else. It does like warm, damp environments, that’s true.

      I don’t know about Retin A cream, but I’ll answer what I can.

      1. – Use a cotton ball instead of a Q-tip, it spreads the oil more effectively that way

      2. – the virus -can- spread the eyes, but don’t assume it has unless you see actual bubbly lesions forming. The really contagious stuff is that white crud in the center of the lesion, which won’t spread unless a spot pops.

      3. Just keep attacking anything that may potentially be a spot and it should stop spreading; with proper and regular tea tree oil treatment the virus should dry up and fade away, soon to disappear entirely

      I hope this helps; hang in there, and be patient with the treatments.

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