Okay, let me first say that this is not an entirely pleasant read. Molluscum Contagiosum is a skin disease that I suffered for the entire year of 2005. The only reason that I have created this page is to help out whoever else may be dealing with it. I was forced to learn a great deal about this infection the hard way, I literally spent thousands of dollars trying different things to cure it, and unfortunately I even had doctors who misdiagnosed me and made things worse.

I don’t wish this disease on anyone, and I am happy to announce that through trial and error, I have figured out how to overcome it. And it’s really not all that expensive in the end.

What follows is my personal experience; I can’t guarantee that what I’ve done will work for everyone or that your experience will be the same as mine. This is just my way of trying to give back and help, so that hopefully if you’re dealing with it, you can be all better within a month or two, instead of a full year like me.


It is not my intention to bad-mouth anyone, but my personal experience with the dermatologists was very painful, very expensive, and did NOT cure the disease. As anyone who has been probably knows, the doctor’s method of treatment is to literally scrape the lesions off the skin. Granted, this works for many people, but in my case it was just a temporary fix. See, here’s the problem – after the treatment, the doctor told me to go home and soak in the tub as a way to remove the “debris.” However, after talking to other specialists, I’ve learned the painful truth that the virus actually flourishes in a warm, damp environment. Soaking in the tub actually made it worse. This much I also know for sure, because of the way it spread on me. At the beginning, I only had one cluster of lesions, right below my waist. After being scraped and soaking in the tub, they came back – not just in one cluster, but all over the place.

What sucks even more about this is the fact that this happened a few times before I knew what was going on. I kept paying for these costly and unpleasant treatments, only to go home and spread the remainder even more.

Here’s the lesson – do NOT soak in the tub. Keep the area as dry as possible. Shower, don’t soak, and then dry the area off as soon as you’re finished. Avoid hot tubs, although a cold swimming pool once in a while should be okay so long as you dry off right away.


Something else I learned the hard way is the whole shaving thing. I was keeping the area clean shaven as a way to see things clearer… foolishly. Ya see, not only does the possibility of razor bumps create the potential for an ugly confusing mess of redness, but the razor itself can actually open and spread the lesions. Ya accidentally pop one of those things, and you’ve just made it worse.

Here’s the lesson – it’s a good idea to keep the area trimmed… but don’t use a razor. Use a beard and mustache trimmer, or use scissors. Keep it short, but not bald.


I asked my doctor if I should use medicated lotion on the area to help it heal. He said yes. Once again, this was a mistake. The virus thrives in a warm and damp environment, remember? Lotion makes it worse! Once again, let me stress – keep the area as dry as possible.

Here’s what does work – tea tree oil. You can find it at any natural products store. And it’s only $15 a bottle or so (depending on the size). The stuff is extremely potent as a natural antibacterial, and thus the bottle will last you a long time. Make sure you get the 100% pure stuff; Desert Essence and JASON are good brand names to look for. If you can’t find any yourself, I’ve made some available to order online HERE.

If you look closely at a lot of the herbal remedies out there online (once again I won’t bad-mouth anyone here, but I also spent a lot of money trying the various concoctions you can buy online and they also did NOT work for me), they all boast tea tree oil as one of their main ingredients. So… why get something that boasts a powerful ingredient in the mix, when you can just get the ingredient by itself?


If you’ve already searched the Internet for Molluscum information, you’ve probably come across some of those electronic skin-zapper devices. I’ve tried these too. I admit, they help… but they also can cause side effects. The part that I used to zap the spots helped them heal… but the other parts that you use on your surrounding skin to “ground” the electrical charge actually caused these weird itchy spots that took a long time to go away.

If everything else I’ve mentioned here doesn’t work for you, try the electrical approach. But, I highly recommend that you only buy the unit and the absolutely necessary pieces that go with it – don’t buy the whole expensive bundle, because a lot of the extra crap they throw in there is a rip-off. I bought one that had this special “molluscum soap” in it, and I swear I could see the outline of the word “Olay” very faintly on the bar.

But, here’s the only problem – the stuff is so potent, you have to be careful when applying it. Seriously, use a cotton ball. One drop only. Apply it very lightly to the whole area; do not use your fingers, and do not pour it on directly. Then, you have to keep an eye on the area. If a part of your skin reacts harshly to the stuff (usually as dry redness), have some hydrocortisone and neosporin handy. Really if you’re careful you shouldn’t need it, but keep it handy to be on the safe side.

Ooh, and check this out – they actually make tea tree oil soap. You can get it at Trader Joe’s, among other places. Use it in the shower, it helps.


Another big, big part of recovering from the Molluscum Contagiosum virus is getting your immune system as strong as possible. Your body will recognize and combat the virus, but not if it’s already busy fighting the flu or colds – so start getting yourself as healthy as possible. Stay away from alcohol, eat healthy, and exercise.

Another key aspect to ultimate health is customized nutrition. Search in your area for anyone doing “nutrition response testing”; it’s really the best way to get your system as strong as possible, remove your body of toxins, and get yourself operating at 100%. Think of this; you wouldn’t buy a one-size-fits-all shoe, now would you? Right, so, why would you randomly buy vitamins off the shelf without knowing what your body needs? The same point applies to nutrition; have a professional check you out and see exactly what you need, and then use that information to heal naturally.

If you’re in Upstate NY, I highly recommend this place:


In addition to custom essentials, it helps to eat food that is also good for your skin. That would be anything that is rich in vitamins A and E. Almonds, carrots, broccoli and spinach are the easiest to come by. Fish oils are also very good for the skin, so make sure you get lots of fish in your diet.


Let’s sum up.

1. If you have lots of lesions, visit the dermatologist and get them removed. But be vary wary of everything I have said so that they do not come back. Hopefully everything else listed will be a preventIve measure.

2. Keep the area as dry as possible.

3. Keep the hair short, but not shaved.

4. Dab the infected area with tea tree oil via cotton ball once in the morning and once before bed. Wash the area with tea tree oil soap when showering. Keep hydrocortisone handy just in case any areas of your skin react harshly to the oil. (That only tends to happen when heavy doses are used on NON-infected skin.)

5. Get your immune system running at 100%. This means eat healthy, stay away from drugs and alcohol, work out, and look into “nutrition response testing”.

All in all, this won’t cost you very much money. A couple hundred bucks, tops. And in the end, you’ll be much healthier.


- Christopher G.

* please note that while I try to get back to everyone who writes to me, I have a fiendishly busy schedule and can’t promise how quickly I’ll be able to reply. I highly recommend that you visit the FAQ, and take the time to read the comments already posted and replied to, as it’s quite likely that your question has already been asked by someone else.



  1. We thought my daughter had skin tags on her leg. I bought some stuff to remove them and it didn’t work. I am sending it back. Just came from the docs today and found out it is Molluscum Contagiosum so I am going to try your suggestion. She is 7 and the kids at school are calling them warts. I hope it works. I will come back and post in a couple of days/weeks the results.


  2. I just want to say thank you thank you thank you, for your blog about MC. My none year old daughter has had MC for about three years. It didn’t really start to be a problem until about six months ago. The “bumps” were on the back of her upper thigh so sitting became an issue. I am embarrassed to say that I did take my daughter to the pediatrician to have them “frozen” off. After two treatments, lots of tears and anxiety, not to mention the bumps spreading I told the doctor no more. I followed your TTO protocol and am happy to say the that within a week I saw a difference in her bumps. By the third week they were all but gone aside from some very small red dots. Some new ones did pop up (only three) but we treated them right away and they were gone before they started. I used the Desert Essence TTO, limited her baths, patted bump area to dry instead of wipe, kept her bumps covered up with clothing, washed her bed linens every day and washed her towels after one use and it all worked. So, as happy as I am about my daughter’s progress I am also sad because I know there a people out there that have MC that haven’t come across your blog and will try all the other painful, ineffective treatments that are being recommended by their doctors. I plan to tell my pediatrician in hopes that he is open enough to suggest this treatment to other patients. I also hope you get somewhere with the Academy of Dermatologists because this treatment really needs to be studied clinically. As a side note, I should mention I tried the TTO treatment on my older son who has had six MC bumps on his upper foot (where the top of his foot meets his leg) and after two weeks of treatment there really wasn’t any change. Perhaps because the skin in thicker there. We did try the apple cider vinegar treatment. We soaked a cotton ball in ACV and taped it to his foot using surgical tape. After one night the largest bump became black after which we started putting TTO on it . We haven’t done it again because the ACV stings and I want to wait until after the black bump heals.

  3. I wanted to thank this blog and everyone’s comments and positive attitude here. It really helped me overcome MC both mentally and physically. I have tried many of the things here (even whatever the DR prescribed) but what worked for me was: Apple Cider Vinegar followed by tea tree oil. Also, keep the area dry and try not to let them spread.

    Dip a cotton ball in ACV, attach it to medical tape or a Band-Aid, and cover the few that I identified as being the bigger “older” MC and left it for the night. This did have a slight burn to it but it wasn’t too bad (soak the cotton ball slightly less for less burn). Usually they would change color by the morning, which I then applied some tea tree oil after taking off the cotton. If there was no color change, I would repeat the procedure for the same MC the next night, until it finally was affected. I believe not one took more than 3 nights. The smaller, “younger” ones were harder to kill.

    The ones that change color (eventually black) are the ones that were “dying” and I could move on to the next. Eventually they would fall off or disappear. I kept repeating each night (sometimes took some nights off to let my skin heal) until they were all gone. Over the next few months, one or two would appear every so often and I would repeat the procedure until eventually no more come back.

    It has been over a year now and I have been all clear. After I was able to identify what worked best for me, I would say that they were all gone within 3 months (except the ones that popped up every so often for the next 4 months or so). Those were easy to remove as I had already become an expert by then :) I’d say that I probably had around 30-35 when all said and done.

    Stay positive, patient, and it will go away :)

      • I used a single drop but when I applied it, it didn’t feel like it was actually seeping into the skin? It looked like the drop soaked into the cotton ball and when I applied it, it didn’t feel like anything was going on the skin. Is this normal?

        • It’s subtle; typically you’ll see a glisten/shine on the skin, but beyond that you shouldn’t feel too much. Give it time; a big mistake people make it to over-apply, so be cautious, it’s potent stuff and if applied too thickly can really aggravate the skin.

  4. I am going to start using the tea tree oil on my daughters MC, but I am wondering if I need to cover the bumps with band-aids after I apply the oil?
    Thank you so much!

    • Nope, no band-aids. Keep the skin dry; the oil will sink in and dry up pretty quick. Band-aids would only help the area sweat, which is not what you want. Best of luck, hang in there.

  5. Hey there,
    Thank you very much for this very valuable advice. I used tea tree oil and the spots healed very quickly. Went on to use it on a fungal toe nail and that has almost healed as well, your blog is priceless.

  6. I want to say a big thank you.
    I am from New Zealand and I had 4 little white pimple like bumps appear on my inner thigh. I searched the net and found photos that looked exactly what I had and the diagnosis was molloscum. I did not panic about it until 6 weeks later another bump appeared above my clitoris then went to the doctor who told me not to worry nothing u can do it just takes it course. A week later I began getting more bumps on my genitals all in all I had 15. I became upset and depressed my children or husband did not have any and continue not to have any. The only thing I can put it down to was from my waxing appointments the timing of incubation just makes sense.. So I began researching the net for more answers and came upon this site. I went straight to the supermarket and brought Thursday Plantation tea tree oil And the same brand in the soap Also vitamins and spirulina juices. We do not stock the brands you listed. Used the oil for 3 weeks twice daily and bravo they shrunk and disappeared except the original 4 which took another week. So this really works so once again thank you , thank you.

  7. Just done know how to thank you. Thank you so very much!!!!!!

    It took a close to 6-8 weeks for my baby to get completely cured.

    We applied tree tea oil 2 twice a day without miss and took care everything mentioned in the blog.

    We also used baby powder to just keep it dry and itch free.

    Now its completely gone and our baby is completely cured.

    Thank you so very much!!! God bless you Christopher.

  8. Dear Chris

    I had some 22 mcv lesions in and around my genital area . i came across this page some 2 and a half months before… i had a bad experience with my dermatologist . actually he made my lesions to spread more . i was lost all hope and couldnt talk openly about this virus since it is a STD , i had no option otherthan trying the tea tree oil as said in this page . i boughth the 100% organic tea tree oil from dessert essence . after using i noticed that the virus lesions stopped spreading first . i applied a thing layer morning and night continously for two months . and i was intaking all vegatables fruits nuts to improve my immune system .. the lesions started fading aways after some 60days of usage . this is amazing . Chris is my god ,, i never forgot chris in my life time .. thanks chris thank you very very much ..

    1. Dont look in to your lesions often .. look in to it only when you are applying the tea tree oil ..because stress is the main factor for any disease to exist, so forgot about it and have the strong hope of this will go off ..

    2. Itching sensation around the lesions is nothing but your immune system is fighting against the virus . dont panic and never touch or rub the lesions .. it may lead to develop further ..

    3. Eat healthy foods dont eat junk foods … take more vegetables like beans cauliflower , nuts like almonds .

    4.Dont try to cure the lesion by damaging it . this will lead the lesion to aggravate , please wait patiently . the tea tree oil is doing its job silently .

    Keep the infected area always dry .. dont sweat .. this is important ..

  9. I’m a 13 year old who some how ended up with this rash. Not knowing what it was at first, all I did was pick at them and scratch them. Which of course made them spread more to my stomach, arm pits, upper chest, and back. Finally going to my doctor and hearing what I had received was news to my ears. I came home doing a lot of research on what this was and how to get rid of it. I panicked to hear that you could have this for almost 6 months. Reading review after review I noticed people said tea tree oil had helped. The same day I went out to CVS and bought it and started applying it twice daily for about a week. And within that time I noticed they had started clearing up! Although it started to make my skin dry I just applied the hydrocortisone to help. I am now Molluscum free while only trying to get rid of the dark spots in which it left. I advise anyone fighting this to try out tea tree oil!

  10. My 2 daughters have been diagnosed with MC and have started treatment with a dermatologist. We feel that they got MC from the gym at school and both are in club volleyball, so with the knee pads keeping the MC nice and moist had spread all over their legs. Also with not knowing what it was, shaving most likely helped spread it. I wish I would have found your site earlier, as of today I went and bought some TTO and will start applying it tonight. My older daughter who was first diagnosed had the stink bug ointment applied, which didn’t do anything, the 2nd treatment they froze the bumps. They are now very large and itchy. Hoping that the TTO will help and not have to go back to the derm. Thank you for all the posts, will definitely post back in a few weeks.

    • Sad to say that the tea tree oil did not work for either of my daughters. I ended up going back to the derm. for more freezing. I asked about the TTO and she said that it hasn’t been approved yet because their isn’t enough testing done on it yet.

  11. Hi there Christopher.
    I just wanted to add my thoughts. I had never heard of Molluscum Contagiosum until about 10 yrs ago when my now 16yr old son got it when he was around 6 yrs old – most probably from swimming lessons. I was lucky in that my doctor’s son of the same age had just had it so she treated my son in the same way. She lanced them (after I had applied Emla numbing cream half hour or so before our appt). My 2nd son (who is also 6) now has them but I think I am going to try either the Apple Cider Vinegar or Tea Tree Oil first.
    But the main thing I often wonder is how informed people are about it/what some doctors really tell people. You hear of it a lot now days in my area (compared to 10 years ago) and I have read lots of posts on Facebook also (mostly child related) … and where I live most kids do swimming lessons (I am in Sydney, Australia). I keep reading that people either know or don’t know about the whole shower rather than bath but rarely do people mention not letting their kids do swimming lessons or swim in a public heated pool. My doctor told me that my son would not be able to do swimming lessons while he had the molluscum. So this bothers me when some people choose to let the molluscum takes its course (which we know can be a long time) as I guarantee at least some of these kids are not being kept out of swimming lessons – thus possibly spreading the virus to themselves or others. This is why I chose to let the doctor lance my eldest son’s as I didn’t want him not to be able to do swimming lessons for what could have been a long time – instead she wrote me a doctor’s certificate for the few weeks after the lancing.
    Thanks for letting me air my thoughts/concerns here, Kathy :-)

  12. It’s nice to hear so many positive reviews regarding this very unfortunate viral problem. My son who is16 months old has it I’m afraid. We’ve tried multiple ointments/creams which have been prescribed by the doctor. All of which have not worked. I am going to try using tea tree oil tomorrow. I have a couple of questions, is it ok to put tee tree oil on a 16 month baby? Is it best to put it on twice a day, is so how much?
    I hope someone can help,

    • Alex,

      It’s safe on the little ones, just be sure to do it very, very thinly. A tiny, tiny drop on a cotton ball and spread from there. I’d say in the morning, and again before bed at night. If there ends up being any redness or irritation, it could be that you over-applied; otherwise, a tip would be to apply the oil, give it 30 minutes or so to sink in and start to work, and then wash the area. That way it can still attack the virus, but won’t linger in a way that could harm the skin, in the event that it’s extra sensitive. I hope this helps and that your little one heals quickly. I have a 2 year old girl, so I relate to your predicament.

  13. Can I just say thank you so much for this website and all who have shared their stories. Chris, you sound like a wonderful and very compassionate man.
    My daughter (11) has molluscm after us having visited family abroad – her cousin has a bad case of it and they were bathing, swimming together, sharing sports equipment and towels. Her parents did not tell us and I only found out when I noticed her spots while swimming.
    It’s been 4 weeks now and I have been checking regularly and now the white pimples have appeared over her tummy. Dr said to leave them as I had predicted. However, I have started using Molludab which I bought over the counter (Drs reluctant to prescribe because of cost I guess but I was happy to pay).
    I am a firm believer in tea tree though and this blog has made me think again. Once I found out that my daughter had been in contact with molluscm I washed her down with diluted tea tree every day. I even applied it neat to her face when her cousin hugged her and rubbed the bumps over her face. It seems a couple are now appearing on her face and I will definitely take your advice about applying tea tree to that.
    Thank you for your stories of hope. It might not be life threatening of ‘serious’ but it’s a miserable virus and I pray that any of you suffering find relief and success soon. X

  14. Any idea why my daughter’s pediatrician says specifically not use hydrocortisone on MCV since it could make it spread? And she says to keep it moisturized so I’ve been using Aquafor anytime it’s itching her. Sunscreen has only made the whole area red and irritated. People constantly ask what’s wrong with her arm!! My poor little girl is so embarrassed by this and doesn’t want to start kindergarten because of it. I am buying tea tree oil tomorrow! I pray it works quickly!

  15. Dear Christopher,

    Thank you very much for having this information online. It saved me!
    After 3 doctors misdiagnosing it and one burning my skin with cryotherapy (and not even working) it was a relief to find what you wrote.

    For anyone reading this, I got molluscum at a tanning bed, so everyone, please be careful with the conditions of these places!! Absolutely disgusting to get that. I am bringing anti-bacterial wipes with me anywhere now.

    I did what Christopher suggested but with a hint more of desperation (lol):

    1- Short showers. Twice for me, in the morning and at night
    2 – Blow dried the area with the cool setting of my hair dryer. I felt that was better than using towels, so no blister would pop and I knew it was well dried.
    3 – Four (4) to five (5) drops per cotton ball applied in the morning and at night to the affected area. Gently pats over it. My skin is oily, so I could manage that amount of tea tree oil without irritation. But always see how your skin reacts. I also used liquid tea tree soap in my showers.
    4 – Wear sensible clothes, nothing that is too tight over the area. The breezier the better. Do NOT shave the area.
    5- Take vitamins, they help a lot. Drink loads of water. My boyfriend never got it from me probably because he has a great immune system. Even if the virus got to him, he never developed the blisters. Phew!
    6 – If you notice a blister has popped, and you are on the street, go to a toilet, clean the area with a tea tree wipe (they exist), make sure is all gone and apply the oil over it. Avoid all contamination. I carried an emergency kit with me anywhere. Also, I was very mindful to avoid pools, saunas, tanning places and was extra careful in any public toilets. I really didn’t want to be responsible for strangers getting this.
    7- Try to stay positive, it felt like these suckers were going to stay forever, but after 35 days of this strict regimen, I am all free!! I went to a doctor to confirm that, so all is back to normal now.

    I would highly recommend anyone who has got a diagnosis of molluscum from a doctor to REFUSE cryotherapy and go straight to using the tea tree oil. I will probably have burnt marks for life now and it was ineffective. The tea tree does the trick, just stick to it and be disciplined. Best of luck to anyone with this!

    Christopher, once again, THANK YOU! You are doing an amazing thing to several people across the globe. All the best to you!


  16. I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for all your help with this. I’m from England, and my little three year old daughter started to get these warts around her armpits. They then began to spread to her arms and body. We went to see our local doctor, who told us the condition, but said to just leave them, and they’ll dissappear by themselves… My wife didn’t like that advice, so we started looking for a cure online. We tried some things, that didn’t work, then I found your website, and read through all of the stories, and knew that we had to try your way.
    It was a slow start, it took well over a month before anything happened. But then one went red, and sore looking, and suddenly it was gone! My girl was so happy! She had been aware of the warts, and wouldn’t wear short sleeve tops, I felt terrible for her. It was hard also to stop her swimming, as she swam every week. Very slowly, one by one, they went, although after about the tenth wart, the tea tree oil stopped working! I did get worried, and considered other treatments, but we persisted, and after about a year, of applying the oil twice a day, keeping them as dry as possible, and giving her a childs multivitamin everyday, they have ALL GONE!!!!!!!! We’re so happy, she’s so pleased that the ‘special cream’ as we call it has worked. She looks more confident, can swim again, and won’t be boiling hot wearing long sleeve tops during summer.
    Thank you so much for sharing your experience and helping people. You are a saint.

  17. Hello! I have been waiting for my outcome before I comment on here.

    I found what I thought were pimples at first on my pubic region/mainly the like upper mound/outside of my crotch about 6 months ago in September or October. I quickly realized I couldn’t pop them so I of course looked into them online and came to the conclusion I had molliscum. I was still terrified of the possibility it was something else, so I went to my doctor who confirmed that she believed the same thing. She told me that they usually say to just wait it out. That it was possible to have a freezing/scraping procedure but it isn’t necessary and I may have to go to a different office for it. She said it could clear up on its own within maybe a few weeks to 2ish months so I left feeling pretty ok about the situation. After maybe a month or two I looked into it more because they were not going away and I was very embarrassed and ashamed. I live with my boyfriend and though we’ve been sort of rocky anyways, this was something I couldn’t bring myself to admit to him. I found this site and decided to give tea tree oil a shot. The smell was a slight deterrent, but not much so I pretty consistently started applying once daily in the mornings. I did see some improvement but I think just a mixture of maybe a week immune system and trying to shave once or twice made them come back and new ones formed. Eventually I tried using a q tip when I ran out of cotton balls and that was definitely too much. My skin had red really itchy spots which is embarrassing when your crotch is itchy. So I let up on that heavier application and as of today I’ve almost completely cleared. I don’t want to jinx it but my last spot is just about gone. It is a tiny little scab and I’m so thrilled I found this solution. I think my body, mixed with my off and on application maybe made it take longer for it to fully clear, but I’m so thrilled that it finally has!! It has been about 6 months and I am molluscum free ^.^

    So happy this site is out there for people to find, and also that there are so many positive testimonials in the comments. I really wish my doctor would have given me this as a solution or even an option to try. Oh well! It is so awesome to have this feeling of finally feeling confident again. Thanks!!!

  18. Dear All,

    Just referring you my actual experience & solutions I have found:

    1) Detected Molluscum before 4 months; Skin specialist told that we have to burn that area & no assurance for curing after this treatment.

    2) I have searched many online articles, suggestions & formula’s & decided not to go with burning process & to start natural remedies.

    I am really happy to share you the things from which I am really having relief from the worst virus MOLLUSCUM.

    i) Apple Cider Vinegar: I used apple cider vinegar after every bath & before bed. Process: Open Molluscum, Remove white pus carefully, Clean with apple cider vinegar,

    take a cotton swab & dip it into ACV & paste it on every mollusscum with the help of bandage. Do this at least 4-5 days at the time of bed & remove it in the morning.

    Also clean with ACV after bath. Remember, ACV is your biggest friend in this tenure. You can clean with ACV 4-5 times if possible.

    ii) Meet nearest homeopathy clinic & take a dosage.

    iii) Strictly Avoid Alcohol, Sex, Treks, Exertion, Gym etc.

    iv) Increase Intake of Vitamin C & Take Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner on time.

    V) Take maximum rest if possible.

    VI) Use loose cloths, Washed towels every time.

    VII) I have also tried tea tree oil, FUSEE CREAM, alcohol swabs. These can also helpful.

    VIII) When you realize that molluscum is removed & it looks like open boil, just wash it every morning+bedtime with warm water & apply Calendula Ointment.

    You have to really careful during this process, Remember white part of discharge having thousands of viruses which can spread on another part of your body.

    Do not end the treatment till the last virus close his heads.

    Best Luck!

  19. Hi Chris.. I have molluscum on my right side upper lip.. around dermatologist burnt them 2 times as they keep reappearing below… after reading ur post I started d tree tea oil once at night with 3-4drops dabbed on a ear bud..and watching my face with lotus tree tea oil facewash. but now the fellows r still going strong and that area has gone black….kindly advice should I continue or what?? Thank u

    • If you’re experiencing irritation, back off the oil for a bit. Let the skin heal, and then when you resume using it, only let it sink in for 15 minutes or so before washing the area with soap and water. That’ll give it adequate time to sink in and work, without the oil continuing to affect the external facial skin. And, use less oil. Half a drop to treat the area, no more. Using too much oil is the equivalent of taking too much tylenol for a headache; it can make you feel worse, you know? I hope this helps.

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