On Eczema and Molluscum

So, I’ve had someone write to me recently with advice on how to adapt my tips if you’re also suffering from eczema and have to deal with molluscum contagiosum at the same time, since dryness is a factor in both skin conditions. This is what she had to say:


“I want to first thank you for taking time to share your experience and what worked for you. I sympathize with you and can relate having had MC as a child and now living through it yet again with my 6yo. While you’ve certainly given some good advice, I must correct some of the misinformation here. First of all it is not proven that the virus is transmitted in water. its more likely that sharing of towels and toys is what leads to spreading the virus. if you cover your lesions with a water proof bandage then a bath is acceptable. That said, a short, quick shower is what’s best. The reason is when you soak in the tub, or take a long shower the top layer of the dermis will open and the virus will be literally just sitting on the skin. This is when it is imperative to only blot your skin with a towel, and not rub. To do so would spread the virus. Again, after a bath or long shower the skin is like a sponge and will immediately absorb the virus that was just rubbed off with the towel. It’s best to just “drip dry”! You’ve stated more than once to “keep the area/skin as dry as possible”. This is just bad advice for people/children with atopic dermatitis and eczema. MC will infect in a wound and even in a tiny scratch. People with Eczema MUST keep the skin healthy and lubricated to prevent open wounds that the MC will contaminate. Again, it’s impairitive for eczema sufferers, or even people with dry skin to keep skin healthy. That is the first line of defense. Unfortunately, most people that suffer from eczema will become infected w/MC; we just have a weak “skin immune system” if you will.

In closing I want to again say thank you for your advise that has obviously helped many. That said, people with certain skin conditions need to treat MC differently than those w/healthy skin. One of the best things to keep skin healthy is drinking plenty of water! Taking vitamins was also great advice. Thanks again for your post, and I hope this addition will help those that suffer from Eczema AND MC.”


While I don’t personally have eczema, I can’t really back this story up with personal experience, but I hope that her tips will be helpful to others. God bless.

2 thoughts on “On Eczema and Molluscum

  1. My six year old has these pesky things on her inner thighs. When they become mature with a white head they are tender and sore. Is this normal? They use to not bother her but the last 3 months they have become an issue I’m not sure what has changed. The areas, with the mulluscum patches, get red and chapped looking and is uncomfortable for her. Is this normal? I’m getting the oil tomorrow. I will use as you suggest and hope it doesn’t sting or she won’t let me apply it…..

    • I didn’t experience any paid from the mature lesions personally, but I’ve had others mention the same thing. Just be careful if you see that white head pop at all, the immediately clean the area and apply the oil; that white crud is the contagious stuff. And the oil, applied thinly, shouldn’t sting at all, you’ll just have to deal with the strong smell for a little bit.

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