Sorry for the silence

To anyone who has contacted me from Nov 1st through Dec 31st, a thousand apologies for my tardiness in responding; I had to have a surgical operation (completely unrelated to the skin stuff) that ended up not healing right, so the past couple months have been a bit of a nightmare… and I just have not had the time or energy to return every comment and e-mail. I’m so very sorry about that. I will try to catch up on everything through the course of January 2014. – Chris

Letter Written to the American Academy of Dermatology

So, after receiving non-stop horror stories from people who complain that their doctors and dermatologists gave them bad advice, said to “wait for it to go away,” or only prescribed expensive creams and painful treatment methods… I have just written a letter to the¬†American Academy of Dermatology, emploring them to take a few minutes to read my story and spread the word.

Pray that my letter makes it to the right set of eyes, and that they do in fact spread the word. If all the doctors and dermatologists of the world would take a few minutes and read my story, then thousands of people the world over could spared the pain, humiliation, frustration, and fear that this virus causes.


So, this used to be a one-page website that listed my story, my “year with mollscum,” and that was it. ¬†It helped hundreds of people around the world… but it was still just a basic one-page site. Now, I’ve expanded it into a blog that I will be updating regularly, with tips and advice on many skin conditions, info regarding the products I recommend, further details regarding some of the questions I’m asked, and more. Search the site for more info, ask any question you want… and I’ll try to help.

- Christopher G.