Since occasionally I’ll get people who can’t find tea tree oil locally, don’t know what kind to get, or simply would prefer to order things online… I have it here for you. (In all honesty, you’ll probably get it cheaper at the store, since I’m also charging for my time in terms of shipping and handling.) All in all though I’m just trying to help folks get over this nasty virus quickly and painlessly.

Desert Essence 100% Pure Tea Tree Oil


Payment can be done via a Paypal account, or any major credit card.

Remember: Tea Tree Oil is my prime recommendation in terms of healing from molluscum contagiosum naturally and speedily; I don’t recommend it for HPV.
*** QUESTION: Would you like me to also offer the cotton balls and hydrocortizone through this page, perhaps all together with the oil as a package? Click here to e-mail me YES.

5 thoughts on “ORDER TEA TREE OIL

  1. My 7yo son has molluscum on his legs and they’ve spread upwards to the thighs and his arms too. How many times would I need to apply tea tree oil a day? How long would it take to see improvement and overall length of time to clear them up? Is tea tree oil alone effective? Thank you. I’m desperate for an effective treatment as the doctors are no help.

    • I still recommend only applying twice a day, but make sure you apply to the whole area. Get a drop on a cotton ball and apply it wherever the lesions are, and to the surrounding skin. A third time per day may be okay if there’s a mid-day shower; apply it after drying off.

      Don’t confuse the skin by trying other stuff in addition, just give the oil a couple weeks and keep the area dry. That alone should work wonders once it has a chance to sink in.

  2. Question . Do I have to use tea tree soap for this method to work with the tea tree oil . Is it okay to continue using my dove regular soap . I take him out the bath dry him off apply the Jason tea tree oil on the bumps I don’t this st 8pm .can I do this at 7am too. My son is 3 this is my second day using it I hope it work .

    • Regular soap should be fine, just follow the other steps closely – drying off before applying the oil, put it on very, very thinly, stay away from lotions, etc.

      • Question when I wash him up & dry him off is the bumps post to look like the are coming to a head . I see some of the small bumps fading. So I’m happpy about that . But I seen 4 bumps on his private do I keep putting the tea tree oil . How many time a day . Some of his bumps are bigger than other does it’s take the bigger time

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