While I try to cover most of the common questions here, I understand that if you found this page, then you’re probably scared and worried, and may have specific questions. Not a problem. Send me an e-mail here and I’ll do what I can:

* please note that while I try to get back to everyone who writes to me, I have a fiendishly busy schedule and can’t promise how quickly I’ll be able to reply. I highly recommend that you visit the FAQ, and take the time to read the comments already posted and replied to, as it’s quite likely that your question has already been asked by someone else.

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  1. Hi Chris:

    So glad I found this site! My almost 2 year old was diagnosed with molluscum this summer (pool, maybe?). We just started using tea tree oil soap on him but when I tried to dab his spots with the pure oil he acted like it burned…does it? He isn’t capable of verbalizing how it felt. Do you think diluting the tea tree oil with grape seed or olive oil would still be beneficial? He wants me to coat the area in lotion, but based on what I’ve read here, that probably isn’t the best idea. Thanks!

    • Cara,

      Yeah, definitely don’t use the lotion; if you over-applied and the area got red and irritated, back off the oil for a day or two and balance it out with hydrocortizone. The consistency is such that it will soothe the skin, but without having the extensive moisture that could help the virus.

      The oil shouldn’t burn if it’s applied thinly. I don’t recommend diluting it, just put a tiny tiny dab on a cotton ball and spread from there, so that it gets on super thin. It’s potent stuff, as you see. Desert Essence and JASON are good brand names to look for.

      I’ve had a lot of parents write to me that this approach worked on their babies and toddlers, so be careful with it and you should be fine. Also remember to keep the area as dry as possible – this means no soaking in the tub for long baths. (This is also tricky with young ones, but it’s short term.)

      Hope this helps!

  2. Thanks for this website. I’m a 28 year old male, and I acquired HPV from my girlfriend of the time when I was 21. I get a wart every year or year and a half around the same spot and go get it burnt off, it has been generally painless. I also randomly got molluscum from a different girl I was dating, although she oddly never showed any signs herself, and neither girlfriend really seemed to care. It’s nice to be able to relate to someone. Unfortunately right now I have a lesion in a different location, just one, and am not sure what it is. My urologist attempted to burn it and it remained, my dermatologist attempted to freeze it off and weeks later it is still there. It is very tiny, flat and maybe a pinkish-white. I have become a headcase about it, fearing that since it hasn’t responded to treatment it’s cancerous. I’ve had it about 6 months and never have lesions this long after treatments. Is it possible it is high-risk HPV lesion or just something stubborn? Have you had to have multiple doctor treatments for a lesion? Thanks!

    • Have you tried the tea tree oil method on that particular lesion? It works as a natural disinfectant, so if it’s something viral then the oil may be able to help. Try it, give it a couple weeks to sink in. Also instead of the burning method, the liquid nitrogen method could work; I know that they also use the nitrogen to remove larger moles and stuff.

      If the lesion looks like it could be changing to the point where it wants to pop, then it could be molluscum, but if it’s not spreading or creating a cluster of bubbles around it, then I doubt it. If it is in fact one large HPV spot, then freezing it should help; and if after 2 weeks it’s still hanging around, freeze it again and apply the nitrogen for longer before pulling away.

      Again I’m no doctor so I can’t say for sure, but based on my experience that’s what I’d suggest. Get yourself some 100% pure tea tree oil (Desert Essence is a good brand), and grab some Compound W Freeze-Off as a backup. I hope this helps.

  3. My daughter was diagnosed with this. The doctor recommended either tea tree or apple cider vinegar. We are using tea tree. I will share our results.

  4. I have a much different question. If you had this in 2005 why did you wait until December of 2012 to make this site? At least, that’s when people started leaving you questions…
    Also, when were you diagnosed with HPV?

    • I actually put up a one-page site with my story and advice back in 2006. Had a contact form, and I had a lot of people write to me via e-mail. So, I spent countless hours e-mailing everyone back, often repeating the same advice, etc. It’d been on my to-do list for a long time to re-work the page into a blog where people could just read my responses, but it was back-burner as it’s purely volunteer on my end.

      HPV showed in early 2008, after I met and married my wife. I told her all about the MC, so she was very understanding… but emotionally it was rough starting all over learning about yet another skin condition. But I hope what I’ve learned on that can help others here.

  5. Hai chris,
    Thank you for your idea about this natural remedy
    I got 3 small clustered pink painless papules on my left labia majora at almost near the entry of vagina initiallly 2 weeks back and that lesion spread on my entire left labia majora since last 5 days.Actually i had a shave on my private parts during which i had a cut on my left labia majora 2 weeks back, after which i noticed a small papule ,which in course developed into 3 clustered papules at the same spot . Other lesions on labia majora are individual papules. Dermatologist told me that it could be MC,she just wanted to confirm it by excisional biopsy. I fear whether this procedure would land up into opening up of the bump and spread of the lesion. I am a medico, and i am monogamous, i did not engage in any sexual activity , and i dont know why this bull shit attacked me. i am afraid all medical procedures. I am waiting for a permanent remedy with out side effects, after which i got your web site which gave me some relief.
    Can i use 15% tea tree oil,which i have purchased from body shop {made in UK} directly on my lesioned site though not sure about the diagnosis or else shall i go through diagnostic excisional biopsy and then use it on excised sites?
    Does the brand work 100%?Because it is the only brand available in our place , shall i need to make any dosage differences with this brand?
    And if i stop using that during my menses ,do i need to count the duration of treatment again starting from day1 ,after this 7 days gap?
    plz help me out……..

    • Personally I don’t recommend the cosmetic blends that have tea tree oil as only a tiny percentage of the product. That oil is the main ingredient that really works to combat the virus, so why would you want to dilute it?

      I recently shipped some oil from the US to the UK, so if it’s your only option, you can order it here –

      And I’m no doctor, so I can’t give you a 100% guarantee that it will work. I can tell you, however, that I’ve received success stories from people around the world, of all ages and ethnicities, reporting success through my methods.

  6. Hi Chris,

    So in your opinion, Zymaderm is not helpful? Also, is it possible that a person is still contagious even after there are no visible warts left? and how long should one wait to see if new bumps emerge. Thanks for your help,

    • I don’t want to bad-mouth anyone else’s product, just in my own experience, Zymaderm didn’t do the trick. It, like other products, boast tea tree oil as a key ingredient, but in a small percentage. I found that using the oil at 100% purity was much, much more effective and cost-friendly.

      Regarding the virus being gone, I recommend waiting a full 2 weeks after all the spots have faded to say for sure. That amount of time allows you to see if any new lesions might be creeping up, if any trace of the virus was still alive under the skin, etc. If after 2 weeks there are no new lesions, then likely the virus is 100% gone and dead (not dormant, just GONE), and it’s safe to resume sexual activity and the like.

    • Elena,

      It should be; if the fumes and smell bother you after applying, wash it off after it’s had 10-20 minutes to sink in. Otherwise yeah it’s safe, just apply a tiny dab directly to the lesions from a q-tib or cotton ball.

      Best of luck, that’s a tough place to have it, but I’ve spoken with quite a few who are in the same situation as you, and they got through it fine.

  7. Hi Chris
    I noticed one spot on the penis shaft a few months ago. I went to the doctors and he said it could be molluscum but he was not sure. I then went of to the std clinic and they said it was not warts but they could not say for definite it was Molluscum. I had the thing zapped off and thought no more about it. Then maybe 2 months ago I noticed 3 little spots in near enough the same place the other spot had been. I have been using the 100% tea tree oil not for nearly a month but it has not made any difference really. When I apply it, the heads of the spots seem to go white.
    I to not have a shower so have to take a bath. I have been using tea tree oil soap but maybe I have been bathing for too long and having the bath too full.
    Have you got any more tips on how to clear it??

    • Dave,

      I’m surprised to hear the oil isn’t doing the trick… could be the brand. If it’s not these, try either Desert Essence of JASON, and make sure it’s the 100% pure Australian variety. I know that those work, for sure.

      And yes I’d keep your baths as short as possible; soaking in warm water is definitely a way to help and even spread the virus. The trick is to keep the area as dry as possible, so that the virus doesn’t have a comfortable area to thrive.

      Typically the lesions don’t change color at all when the oil is applied, so based on what you’re saying I can’t say for sure if it’s molluscum. Usually you can tell people they look more like little bubbles than pimples, and because they usually tend to cluster.

  8. Chris,
    I think you’re doing such a tremendous job responding to everyone’s concrns. I have read tons on the web about MCV and your site, and up-keep with it, is unmatched. Thank you for your diligence and desire to aid.

  9. Thank you so much for posting your info – I went to several dermatologists; some said it was nothing, others froze the lesions then applied a blistering agent – that seemed to make them spread. Now I have them on my shoulder blades, hands, penis, and torso, and around my eyes. I just bought a bottle of tea-tree oil. My question is, is it ok to apply the oil on my eyelids? Also, should I use a different towel each time I shower? I know it’s important to PAT-dry and not rub. I’m going to wear 100% cotton madras shorts to keep my groin area dry – I’m also using a tea-tree powder with calendula and cornstarch on my penis and groin to help keep it dry. I’m using a great (and tasty) piƱa colada flavored fish oil once a day (liquid form is important for proper digestion and assimilation), vitamin A gel capsules, vitamin C 1,500mg per day, and going to buy a good vitamin E supplement as well – and got organic baby spinach to make shakes with -they go well with granny smith apples. Vitamin A is great for the skin in general and ‘cell-turnover’ – it’s also fat-soluble, so I make sure to take it with a meal containing fat (that includes avocados). Also, since I have so many, some in areas hard for me to see/reach, which form of therapy would you recommend a dermatologist use if I did decide to go? Laser, cryo? Thank you!

    • Joe,

      Sorry to hear you’re going through this, I’ll offer what advice I can.

      The oil is safe to dab around the eyes, if it’s super thin and you’re careful. If you apply it and the fumes bother you, then wash it off after 10 minutes or so (after it’s had time to sink in a bit). Also try to dab just the lesions and not the whole area, to be safe.

      As to the hard to reach areas, I’d suggest having a trusted friend apply the oil. Honesty works well, just say you’re suffering from a rare skin condition, you’re talking to a specialist (me), and this is what you need to get over it. If that’s not an option and you need to see a doctor, the liquid nitrogen treatments works the best in my opinion in terms of effectiveness. But still I don’t suggest that as the first option.

      Best of luck, and I hope my advice helps! – Christopher

  10. chris… I am so so pleased to tell you the molluscum is fading shrinking and slowly disappearing, it seems in the past 3 days too of just 50% shrunk! like you said it takes 2 weeks to settle in and work thanks to your life changing tips its working!!!! i am still having them frozen and today will be my 3rd appointment to freeze but also using the 100% tea tree oil for (2weeks and 3 days now) lightly on morning and night after showering also with dabbing the molluscum areas with salt water on cotton balls (not bathing in salt water) before tea tree application- and thank heavens touch wood they are going i believe !!!!.

    its my last liquid nitrogen freezing session today and i am hoping it will be my last with any luck.
    i feel so happy now after being so so scared and worried in the begginning and feeling like i had no hope and i would always have this that i have been able to get on the right path to clear this without feeling so bad or depressed as alot have understandbly.
    vigorous hygeine as normal, washing clothes after wearing once, bedsheets clean on, baggy comfortable clothes when at home & [sleep!!!] and all above mentioned has helped so so much.

    your tips and history of this infection has helped me so much and i just want to thank you completely you have made this so much easier and not seem so bad as to be able to look on a forum and read your tips to others in the same boat as me (nice to know were not alone) & to have direct communication with someone who has been through this and expierienced it and i will always be greatful to you.
    you are an inspiration to anybody because you have overcome molluscum and you still want to be helping other people get rid of the infection in the situation you where in.

    take care and best wishes for the future, keep doing what you are doing be proud because everyone who knows of your site or directly talked to you & heard your tips surely is proud like me.


  11. Dear Christopher i have had MC for about five months now at first i wasnt sure where i could have picked this up noone i have ever known has had this and i had never heard of it before until i went to the doctor and they told me what i thought was razor bumps was MC. Looking back im pretty sure i gott it from the tanning bed. at first i was using neosporin for my bumps but than i saw you write and talked about how you should not put cream on them so i went out and bought the tee tree oil. i ussually put more than a drop on the cotton ball just because it hasnt seemed to irritate my skin so i kinda feel like the more i put on the better? I’ve been using the oil for about a week now and havent seen any change. I just went back to the doctor and she keeps telling me the same dissapointing news.. “Just wait they will go away” i just wanna make sure i am applying the tee tree oil correctly twice a day and i sprinkle some on a cotton ball and dab the bumps sometimes even around them too just to make sure i am getting everyone of them. as soon as i get out of the shower i dry them off. and i havent been swimming at all this summer and don’t plan to just so they will heal quicker any other little tips that will help? I also put baby powder on them as well sometimes just because i feel like baby powder will help keep them dryer. They are more so around my butt but i just saw a little one on the inside of my thigh. I just dont want them to spread any further its already hard enough to wear shorts with the fear that someone might see them.

    • It sounds like you’re doing it right, just continue to use the oil sparingly – more is not better in this case, because too much oil can suffocate and irritate the skin. It’s like when you have a headache – you have to wait for the tylenol to work, you can’t just keep popping more pills to speed it up. It usually takes 2 weeks of applying the oil before it really starts to work, so be patient and consistent with it. Ok? Hang in there.

    • Well, with a drop of tea tree oil, it’s not 100% dry, but you certainly don’t want to dampen it with water or anything. And yes, it’s safe on the genitals, but keep the application very thin or it can lead to redness and irritation.

  12. ugh. I overdid it. I put too much tea tree oil on the MC and now I have a terrible itchy rash. I’ve been letting it heal and now the MC is growing again.

    This will never go away. I’m frustrated. The TTO was keeping it at bay and now it’s causing irritation.

    • I’ve done the same thing; just give it a couple days with hydrocortizone to soothe the skin, then resume the oil thinner than before. Trust me I know how awful the itch is, but don’t lose hope; now you know how much is too much so you can be more careful in the future, and get rid of this pesky virus once and for all. Hang in there.

    • I haven’t tried it personally, and others have asked me the same thing, but no one has come back to me with a success story. In my experience – and I’m not aiming to bash any products out there – the various molluscum medication combination oils and such tend to boast tea tree oil as an ingredient… plus a bunch of other stuff. But really it’s the oil that’s the effective ingredient and does the most work, so, why pay extra for a combination with the fancy name when the oil by itself, 100%, is cheaper and works better? That’s just my 2 cents on the issue, but if you do try Molluscum Rx and it works, please let me know.

  13. hi chris.ive been diagnoised with mc 2 weeks ago on my face.they were 6-7.doc asked me to get i got it removed.after that ive been using tea tree oil soap and facewash on my face. and cream fusidic prescribed by doc.just wanted to know what precautions shuld i take nw and that can i continue with my beauty regime like moisturiser and anti aging cream?i also had 2-3 on my eyelid but they r quite small so didnt do anything with them.pls reply.thnx.

    • Well the oil will work – that’s the most important thing – but as to the other products you’re using I can’t offer a lot of advice without knowing what’s in them. Honestly, as hard as it is, I’d suggest staying away from them while the oil works. If the key factor is to keep the area dry – which it is – then you really don’t want to be using lotions and creams that could moisturize the area and help the virus spread. I know it’s hard, believe me, but being strict with yourself in that regard will help the virus die that much faster, which will let you return to your normal routine. Stick with it; be patient and consistent, and hang in there.

  14. Hi Chris,

    So I have MC on my scalp. Been using shampoo with TTO in it. I bought it off the shelf pre mixed, so I’m not mixing the TTO in myself. Can you suggest anything else? My hair is medium length. Was thinking possibly I should cut my hair real short so I can apply TTO directly. Thoughts?


    • Mike,

      The tea tree oil shampoo is nice, but I doubt it’s potent enough to really attack the virus properly. I’d suggest trying to find a way to use the cotton ball treatment one way or another, even it means having a friend find the lesions on your scalp (which is tough, I know). Shorter hair would be easier, yes, but I wouldn’t want to suggest something as drastic if you can find a way to make it work with your current style and look.

      The scalp, that’s a tough spot for this. Maybe (and I wouldn’t suggest this otherwise) you can soak a cotton swap (q-tip) with the oil and dab the spots that way, since it’s longer and easier to reach through thicker hair. Might be worth a try. Sorry to hear you’re going through this – I hope this helps.

      • Hi Chris,

        As many have already expressed their thanks to you, I’m going to as well. You’ve given some great advice and have started some really good conversation on this site.

        One more question if you don’t mind. Many of my MC are scabbing quickly, which from what I’ve read is a good sign. They are a dark blackish/red. Should i continue to apply TTO, or back off to let the skin heal?

        Thanks again!

        • Mike,

          In my experience they didn’t scab, they just faded… but different people sometimes have other reactions, so I can’t really say for sure if it’s good or bad, but it sounds generally okay. Scabbing usually happens from the freezing treatment… in which case I say don’t sweat the oil so much, just keep a close eye on the area, and apply the oil on anything that may be a new spot growing, or any potential of that original spot returning.

  15. Yes tea tree oil is fantastic !! I’ve been using it on my 3 yr old. But what seems to be jump starting the cure to this is apple cider vinagar!!!!!!!!!!! It’s eating it away and fast. I do tea tree oil in am and vinagar at night. It’s amazing!!!!

    • On molluscum, really? Is it in a, umm, sensitive area? I’ll allow this post, but I still caution others about using the ACV if the lesions are in the private areas, as the skin down there is TOO sensitive for the ACV, which can be painful as it works. Just a heads up.

  16. Hi, my 7yo boy has molluscum on his legs initially in the knee area, then they spread up and down his legs, and now are on the back of both arms. The lesions on the elbows are huge, and the smaller ones are on the forearm. I read that soaking in Epsom salt warm bath with tea tree oil treatment afterwards have worked for some people. Have you heard about the Epsom salt baths? I just started the TTO yesterday so we are yet to see results, but I did apply 100% quite generously and it caused his elbows to become extremely red and itchy and scary looking. I’m going to cut back on the amount. Thank you.

  17. Thank you thank you thank you.
    My 11 year old daughter has them on her face. Doctor said we just have to wait it out etc. She has started to get self conscious and I found your site! Just one week into daily vitamins ( we use C) and tea tree oil, they are starting to clear up. I actually cant believe it. I am so happy for her.

    • Hi Chantel just curious how your daughters cleared up? My daughter had it too all over her tummy and arm and upper thighs. We are doing the tea tree method for s few days now and I was just curious how quickly it started to work and what it looked like as it started to work? Did it get redder or just fade or scab? Hers is redder but i think they are shrinking in size.

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