As stated in other places on this site, getting yourself some 100% pure tea tree oil is the best means to attacking the molluscum contagiosum virus. Apply twice a day, by applying a single drop on a cotton ball (better this way than using a Q-Tip), and then spread to the infected area. I recommend one application after your morning shower, and then a second before bed. A third in between is okay if you bathe during the day. Just dry off fully, then apply the oil to the area.

Diluting it?

I’m often asked if you should dilute the oil in water before applying to the skin when using it for molluscum. The answer is no. Don’t take away from the potency. Just always use one drop only during an application. Spread to the entire affected area (this way the oil can also work on any lesions growing underneath the skin).

Other Uses

As to other uses, the oil comes in handy in other ways. Remember, it’s in essence, a pure and natural skin disinfectant. I’ve used it on zits, pimples, the outside of scratched skin to prevent infection… stuff like that. Just in all cases, apply it super thinly. It’s potent stuff.

I’ve heard some people suggest the tea tree oil as a natural alternative to aftershave. Just dilute it in water, and apply to the face after shaving. I’ve tried it… and I do not recommend it. An aspect that makes the oil powerful – and in fact what makes it so effective against the virus – is that it dries the skin out where applied. When fighting molluscum, that’s perfect, because the virus thrives in a warm, damp environment. Take that away, and the virus dries up and dies. But… as aftershave? No. If you dry out the skin of your face, it’s gonna tight and drawn, and will make you look older. So no, I don’t recommend tea tree oil as aftershave. Yes it helps the razorburn, so if that’s your main concern, just use it thinly, and only where needed.

Note that the 100% tea tree oil works great as a natural combatant of the molluscum contagiosum virus… but unfortunately the same is not true of HPV. The genital wart virus is a different breed… and doesn’t respond to the oil the same at all. So, don’t waste your time on that.

More FAQ

Q. Is tea tree oil safe on children and infants?

A. Yes. It’s all natural. Just apply it super thinly. If you accidentally over-apply and the skin becomes red or irritated, back off the oil for a day or two and use hydrocortizone to soothe the area. When the redness is gone, resume using the oil, very carefully.

I’ve received success stories from hundreds of parents that this is effective. Just also remember to keep the skin as dry as possible. This means no lotions, no creams… and no soaking in the tub. Young ones often love playing in the bath, but to combat the virus effectively, keep the baths SHORT, dry your child off immediately, and apply the oil before dressing them.

Q. Where can I get it?

A. Your local pharmacy or health foods store should have it. Look for Desert Essence or JASON; those are the good brand names to use, in my experience.

Or, if you’d prefer to just order online, I have it handy for sale through this very site. This is for sake of convenience for you, or if you live in an area where you can’t get the stuff easily. I don’t make it myself or anything, just trying to help. CLICK HERE TO ORDER.

23 thoughts on “ON TEA TREE OIL


    An aspect that makes the oil powerful – and in fact what makes it so effective against the virus – is that it dries the skin out where applied. When fighting molluscum, that’s perfect, because the virus thrives in a warm, damp environment. Take that away, and the virus dries up and dies. But… as aftershave? No. If you dry out the skin of your face, it’s gonna tight and drawn, and will make you look older. So no, I don’t recommend tea tree oil as aftershave. Yes it helps the razorburn, so if that’s your main concern, just use it thinly, and only where needed.


    This is not correct. Tea Tree Oil’s primary mechanism of action against MCV is the disruption of the protein coat, also known as the viral envelope. Upon disintegration of this critical viral protein the immune system quickly recognizes the presence of alien viral DNA floating around and launches a powerful localized immune response. It has nothing at all to do with drying out your skin.


    • Thanks for the clarification; as I mentioned I’m writing primarily out of experience (and lots of it). This info is valuable; I’ll adjust my write-ups when I get a free moment.

  2. If we use one cotton ball for the whole infected area, don’t we risk exposing the area to spread the virus? Would it be ok to use one cotton ball per bump and put a bandaid on? Thank you for your guidance.

    • You only risk spreading the virus if you touch a cotton ball directly to the white waxy core of a popped lesion; that’s the really contagious stuff. Touching the outside of a lesion that hasn’t popped shouldn’t spread it.

      And no, I don’t recommend using a band-aid; it can cause the skin to sweat, which gives the virus a moist base to grow in. Keep the areas dry.

  3. I have just started using the Tea tree oil for my son and daughter who have had molluscum for over 6 months now. My son(18 months old) has a large one next to his nose and one under his jaw. Recently I have noticed 2 new ones on different parts of his body. My daughter(3 years old) has one on her back. I read that dead sea salt baths help so I have been doing this for the past week also, although on your website you write not to bathe. My kids bathe together so I am not sure who gave it to who. What do you think about the dead sea salt baths?
    I have previously tried thuja cream, Dr Wheatgrass, Vitamin A oil applied directly and wiped off with fresh lemon juice(which got rid of most of my daughters molluscums). Have also spent a bit of money on this. I have also read something about iodine being applied as well as the tea tree oil, any thoughts? Thanks Joanna

    • I haven’t tried everything you mentioned, but I have had parents write to me with success regarding Thuja. So give that a try. The rest, I can’t say… I found sticking to one main ingredient (the tea tree oil) did wonders, whereas trying a whole bunch of different stuff just spread the virus. Anything to keep the area dry. I don’t recommend long baths, and I can’t really offer feedback on Dr. Wheatgrass or the Vitamin A oil (which I’d never heard of being used for skin).

      and I’ve had parents tell me that after starting the tea tree oil, the virus “fought back” by appearing in other places; the answer there is to just attack any new lesion that may potentially be a spot, until you get them all. In time, the lesions should shrink, and eventually fade away entirely. Again this doesn’t work for absolutely everyone, but I have had a LOT of parents in your same situation report success, so, I hope this helps.

  4. I’ve had MC since Jan/13

    I’ve been using the tree oil as you suggested and a fee spots of the virus did scab up. Although I am certain another spot emerged .

    How do I tell if the oil is working? After showers the MC white spots emerge and look like zits ready to be popped (which i don’t touch due to how contagious the virus is) .

    I wake up and look and the infected areas do seem to have shrunk a tad but through out the day they seem to regain size.

    I’m not sure sure how I retrieved this virus but I would assume I cought it from my gym in either the sauna or showers.

    Really desperate to get rid of this.

    • Nick,

      Be patient; the oil works at different speeds for different people. While some people have it clear up in a week, others deal with what you’re describing for 2 months of more before the oil fully sinks in and makes the spots fade away entirely. As eager as you are, don’t apply the oil more than twice a day, but definitely apply before bed so it can work overnight. And yes, do not pop the spots; use the oil and hopefully the lesions will shrink and fade before they get the chance to pop.

      Hang in there,


      • Thanks for the motivation.
        Is there a specific reason to not apply the oil more then Twice a day?

        Also the pass day or two three spots seemed to scab and what not so I guess it is working. Thank you for being so helpful!

        • The oil is potent stuff; applying too often can really irritate the skin, cause, redness, and even peeling. You ever peel the skin on your genitals clean off? Been there. No fun.

          It’s also important to let the skin breathe, and if you apply the oil too often then you’re keeping oxygen from getting to the skin properly. Plus, the oil has a cumulative effect – it takes time to sink in and really work. So applying too much too fast isn’t going to help. It’s like when you have a headache – you take your tylenol, and wait for it to work. You don’t pound half a bottle of pills just to make it go away faster. Same idea here.

  5. Got MCV on my genitals and went to the doc about three weeks ago. He prescribed me imiquimod cream which I’ve been using as directed since. I just found your blog and got myself some TTO today. Do you recommend using it in addition to the imiquimod, instead of the imiquomod, or just to continue what I’m doing? I’m eager to get rid of this so I’m thinking I’m just gonna switch over to the TTO treatment as that’s seems to have had wide success among patients.

    • You’re not the first person to ask me about immiquimod, but I’m afraid I can’t offer much advice there. If it’s working, great, I’m not going to a bash a product I don’t know. I just know that the TTO works, so maybe if you’re doing the cream in the morning, try the oil at night before bed? I definitely wouldn’t suggest putting them both on at the same time.

  6. Hi, I’ve found all of this very interesting, I have small fleshy bumps on my vagina and th doctor was unsure on what they were, however I’m sure he mentioned that it could be melluscum, so I’m wondering, is it safe to use tea tree oil on the vagina?


    • It’s safe, just keep it on the external areas only, and be sure to apply it very thinly, and no more than twice a day.

  7. Hi chris i had a question regarding molluscum. I suspect that i might have this condition based off all i have read here and other places so i am going to change my diet( no carbs and NO wheat) along with the TTO.

    My question is this. If i do in fact have it, what are the odds of it spreading in the groin to include the bottom and middle of my

    shaft(small white dots becoming more obvious), spread if none of the lesions have popped or ruptured? becoming more

    • Start using the oil, it should prevent any spreading that could occur on its own. It’s true that the white stuff in the mature lesions can spread the virus, but I think the virus can also spread under the skin if its left alone. So by all means, attack anything that could be a spot, even if it’s on or around the shaft – I had to deal with lesions there too.

  8. My son complains that oil really stings when applied. Is this normal? When I tried the oil on myself I didn’t notice any burning or stinging sensation. This site has been wonderful. Thanks for all of the useful information.

    • It’s very powerful oil; I never experienced stinging myself, but I did experience irritation and itching if too much was applied. So be careful to apply it very thinly, and if then it still sting, wash it off 10 minutes later. The initial effect should still help and 10 minutes should be enough to let it sink in a bit and work away at the virus under the skin. This is the advice I give folks who need to apply it to their faces or other areas where the smell can be a factor and it seems to work well.

  9. I’m dealing with lesions (I think that’s what they’re called) on my face, and shaft. The tea tree oil made them almost fade away all the way on my shaft, while my face is going a bit slower… My mom bought me some tea tree gel, and it seems to make it a little worse, so I guess I’m posting on here to tell you guys not to use the gel. Yes, it tingles like Tea Tree, but from what I’ve read on here, it also moisturizes, which means it can possibly spread the virus! Yikes! Anyways guys, good luck. I’m 5 months into this thing… Just started using tea tree about 3 weeks ago, and things are looking A LOT better.

    • No; band-aids can cause the area to sweat. What you want is DRY DRY DRY. Apply the oil, let it sink in, and leave it be. Only keep an eye on the area if the lesion looks in danger of popping, and be ready to clean it and apply more oil if that should happen.

  10. All this information was so informative!!! To think I was depressed and my life was over because of this MC. I purchased the TTO yesterday and I’m on day two hoping it works miracles. I of course have it in places where it shouldn’t be and I’m hoping it will go away and never come back. I feel more optimistic about the TTO than I do with the cream the doctor prescribed (imiquimod 5%). Thanks Chris, I hope I can return with a positive update.

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